Cheating Death by PowerPoint: Analyze and Synthesize

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Here are the discussion topics that you will find in this title :

  • Cheating Death by PowerPoint: Analyze and Synthesize (0:23)
  • Many PowerPoint slides have too much text. (0:05)
  • Here's a worst-case scenario (0:25)
  • PowerPoint makes it easy to make bulleted lists. (0:13)
  • It’s almost like PowerPoint wants you to fail. (0:08)
  • Standard outline slide format (0:30)
  • Reducing the amount of text on your slides (0:31)
  • Reducing the amount of text on your slides (0:31)
  • Analyze and Synthesize (0:24)
  • Breakdown of main messages (0:48)
  • Untitled (0:27)
  • Message 1 (0:12)
  • Analyze and Synthesize (0:07)
  • Analyze (0:20)
  • Synthesize (0:21)
  • A picture’s worth 1,000 words (0:23)
  • Don’t use wordy explanations… (0:07)
  • …when a single picture will do. (0:04)
  • Message 2 (0:20)
  • Untitled (0:08)
  • Delete unneeded text (0:06)
  • Make text centered, bold (0:04)
  • Edit for clarity (0:06)
  • Message 3 (0:12)
  • Densely worded slide (0:31)
  • Summary (0:20)
  • Message 4 (0:25)
  • Example of TMI on slide (0:41)
  • The Town ofHubbardston, Massachusetts (0:24)
  • In conclusion, if you Analyze and Synthesize, (0:03)
  • use pictures, (0:02)
  • use less text, (0:01)
  • don’t make your audience read, (0:02)
  • and focus on your message, (0:02)
  • you’ll give your presentations more impact! (0:04)
  • Design Dispatch subscribers get a free slide makeover! (0:24)
  • Find out more about Cheating Death by PowerPoint (0:09)
  • Contact Laura M. Foley Design (0:15)
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Posted on July 08 2015

With the death of my.brainshark, will you be moving this presentation to some other platform? I have found it immensely helpful for my students.

Posted on January 21 2015


Posted on October 23 2014

great :)

Posted on October 08 2014

Try to download or upload your all favorite song only on may be some expensive but your selection on quality proof.

Posted on October 08 2014

nothing is wrong here

Posted on September 25 2014

Some great points made here.

Posted on September 11 2014

very bad and burried.

Posted on July 24 2014


Posted on February 24 2014


Posted on November 24 2013

thi was boring it zellve

Posted on November 19 2013

Very nice and useful information, thank you for sharing

Posted on October 25 2013

Levinson & Associates, I do accept PowerPoints for makeovers. You can try one for free by subscribing to my newsletter. Visit where the invitation to join the mailing list is found in the right-hand column.

Posted on October 21 2013

Excellent information!

Posted on October 17 2013


Levinson & Associates
Posted on October 04 2013

Great Info, are you accepting power points for makeovers? Thank you,

Posted on August 17 2013

really great , thanks

Posted on August 09 2013

Really great.. Thanks

Posted on June 06 2013

Great presentation i would like to appreciate you regards

Posted on May 17 2013

Very well done ! Thank you

Posted on May 13 2013

Thank-you so much for this. I was viewing it as a Brainshark demo, but will send students to it for tips n presentations.
Posted on April 09 2013

informative, short and sweet

Posted on April 07 2013

This was very helpful and very simple! Thanks!

Posted on April 04 2013

Thanks,useful and teaching!

Posted on April 04 2013

good stuff

Posted on March 30 2013

You've almost convinced me - I use PowerPoints in my lectures with no other handouts. Your technique would force the use of hand-outs, but based on your presentation, shorter PowerPoints would add the motivation to read the hand-outs. Thanks!

Posted on March 05 2013

oh my

Karen McKenna RN MS CCRN
Posted on February 15 2013

Thank you. Very helpful

Posted on February 02 2013

Laura, Thank you so much! I was about to make EVERY single mistake you have pointed out! Now I am refocused and can drive my point home with less time and a more meaningful presentation.

Posted on January 23 2013

A picture is worth 1000 words for sure. Nice presentation.

Posted on January 20 2013

--to Everyone, this contains THE keys to successful briefings. Follow this presentation to a "T" and your boss will promote you. --to LMF, thanks for sharing this valuable info.

Posted on January 16 2013

Nicely done! Very helpful for college presentations!

Posted on January 10 2013

I think it is very useful and helpful for our daily work.

Posted on November 12 2012

Maybe describing how to avoid "Death by PowerPoint" shouldn't be another drawn out PowerPoint presentation? Two concepts, PechaKucha and There...done!

Posted on October 07 2012

This was amazing so helpful. Thank you!

Posted on October 04 2012

what can i do to increase popularity of my presentation

Posted on October 04 2012

Wonderful presentation and such a large numbeer of views within a short period it's great.

Posted on October 03 2012

? think the presentation address correctly the mistakes that most of us managers make because of our lack of skills. Not too big not too short. I like it.

Posted on July 02 2012

Very stimulating and thought provoking presentation. Funny, this example was right on top of the list because it fits so well. I'm looking forward to sharing the link with my associates. Thanks.

Posted on December 02 2011

Hello, Yin and Yang Press! I'm glad you liked the ideas, but sorry that you found it repetitious. My target audience is people who don't do a lot of visual design or even think about it, so I tend to drive home what I think are the important point

Posted on November 18 2011

Good ideas, but I'm afraid I found the presentation a bit tedious and repetitive.

Posted on June 21 2011

My perception was, the fewer powerpoint slides the better, this does an excellent job of challenging that and highlighting the errors. Powerpoint is for giving presentations impact not documenting your proposal, use word for that!! Thanks for sharing it.

Bryan Berry
Posted on February 17 2011

I thought this presentation was excellent. It did a great job of showing how to boil down title slides and ward off bullet points. This is something we probably all struggle with: convincing presenters that too many words and bullet points are ineffective


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